Bluey’s Two Cents is essentially a very poorly maintained blog about life, and the wonderful and horrific things that are a part of that.

A little about Amy…


Everyone, no matter their profession or passion has a ‘lightbulb’ moment.

For Amy, that moment came after her first news broadcast at the age of nine. With a script written on scrap paper in orange crayon, some very professional looking lipstick from her mum’s makeup drawer and a live studio (lounge room) audience of her parents and brother, the Clark household received a well written and informative five minutes of up to date news.

But reading the news was hard work; what busy nine year old has time for that in their daily schedule?

Then came the magazines. Like any self respecting fashion and celebrity obsessed young girl, Amy started with Total Girl and slowly worked her way up until she was *just* old enough to read Cosmopolitan under her bed covers.

Amy realised early on that words are her thing. But not just any old boring words. Witty, intelligent, honest and with just the right amount of sass, hers have personality and purpose.

A passionate storyteller, Amy is an engaging wordsmith with a uniquely fresh and vibrant voice.

Dabbling in advertising, outsourced content marketing and social media management, as well as copy for print, radio, online and television journalism, this writer prides herself on converting ideas into action.

The girl loves a good challenge. She’s got a lot of ideas in that glorious red-haired head of hers.


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